Make Informed Decisions: Start with a Mortgage Lender for a Clear Financial Picture

We finance properties big and small all over the region.  This gives us exposure to so much diversity we see and we are truly an expert in the field. 

Let us give you the guidance you need for your home purchase by keeping your financial situation and goals in mind. 

When looking at a property, there are so many things that can affect your overall payment and what you qualify for, so talking with a lender first is going to be extremely beneficial to understanding how much buying power you have and what fits comfortably in your budget. Are you looking at an area that has very high property taxes or an HOA?  That will need to be accounted for in your monthly payment.

When pre-qualifying our clients, we don’t just take into consideration the monthly principal and interest, we take into considering estimation of HOA fees, property taxes, insurance, and so much more so that you have a realistic view of what your budget is and what you can afford.

By keeping #lenderfirst top of your mind and reaching out to us at Hometown Mortgage AZ, we are able to truly serve you and assist you in the purchase of your home so you aren’t blindly looking at homes or areas that may not be best for you.

Some major benefits of reaching out to your lender first before looking at homes:


Understanding your budget: Knowing your budget for a home and a realistic view of what your monthly payment will be- not just your principal and interest.


Knowing areas that you should stay away from or ones that you can look in (property taxes, HOA fees, etc., all that affect your borrowing and buying power).


Avoiding disappointment: Falling in love with a house that is outside your budget can be upsetting!  By #lenderfirst, you can avid that disappointment and make sure you stay within financially attainable house showings.


Having a pre-qualification is great, but a pre-approval will make your offer that much more attractive to a seller for the chance when you do go look if you find a home you wan to offer on, you are ready to go!


Alleviates the guessing work if there are any things you need to work on before you start offering on a house (credit, down payment savings, etc.)

Keeping #lenderfirst top of mind, will make sure you are set up for success when you are ready to buy a home and make an offer!